Union County Assessor, Mindy Schaefer is announcing the reappraisal of all Residential and Ag Dwelling properties in Union County will begin July 2022 and continue through the end of 2023. The Union County Conference Board approved this reappraisal in 2020 and authorized our office to contract with Vanguard Appraisal, Inc of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The last door-to-door reappraisal in Union County was done in the 1980’s for Residential properties. The Iowa Department of Revenue recommends having a complete revaluation every 10 years.

Periodic inspections and reappraisals are necessary to update information and adjust for market conditions affecting property values. Some properties physically deteriorate faster than others and many have had improvements made. Also, property values in different areas of the county will differ in value due to economic factors. Please keep in mind that the purpose of a reappraisal is not to increase assessed value but to establish equitable assessments that represent the market value of each specific parcel.

Beginning the last week of June 2022 and continuing through 2023, data collectors from Vanguard Appraisals, Inc will begin the process of visiting each property in Union County to collect both exterior and interior information. Each Vanguard employee has had a full background check and will have a photo ID signed by the Union County Assessor identifying them as such. All law enforcement agencies will be aware of Vanguard employees’ names, auto license numbers, and activities within Union County.

Bob Bellmer
Rick Fritz
Scott Johnson
Cory Reynolds
William Graham

When visiting your property, inspectors will review/collect exterior information such as measurements, type of construction, age of structure(s) and physical condition, as well as, interior condition and type/amount of finish. A complete sales analysis, a study of local construction costs, and economic conditions will also be used in addition to the data from the collector’s inspection to arrive at a value. No estimate of value will be given at the time of inspection. Completion of this project is expected to be early 2024 and notices of estimated market value will be sent near that time along with options for appeal should you feel that the value is either not equitable or more than the market value. New assessed values will be effective January 1, 2024 for taxes payable Fall 2025/Spring 2026.

With the volume of properties, it is not feasible to know when we will be at a property. If an owner is not present, an external review will be done and a door hanger will be left after the second attempt letting you know how you can assist with listing the interior of your property. Property owners are encouraged to cooperate with data collectors by either answering questions they may have or allowing an interior inspection of the property, this will help to arrive at a fair, equitable, and correct assessment of your property. We understand this could cause privacy concerns for some. Before you decline aiding with this project, please know that new market values will be estimated for every home, regardless of owner participation.  Refused assistance will not stop a new value from being estimated, only cause it to be less precise. Additionally, accurate, up to date information minimizes the chances an appeal would be needed after new assessed values are established. If your property has tenants, please make them aware of this project and communicate with them the importance of cooperating with the data collectors.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the reappraisal project, please contact the Union County Assessor’s Office at (641) 782-1735 or send an email to mschaefer@unioncountyiowa.gov.

We thank you for your cooperation as we begin this reappraisal project.