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Spring Thaw of Iowa Gravel Roads

Grading Agreements

Another service provided by the Engineer’s office is fence line clearing along the county right of way. This requires a grading agreement between the county and the property owner that requests the grading be done.

If a property owner requests a grading agreement, the engineering staff will review the location and get a description of where the grading is being requested. An agreement will be drawn up and the property owner, engineer, and the Board of Supervisors all must sign the agreement form.

In the agreement form, each party’s responsibilities are listed. After a “One Call” is done to locate utilities, the Secondary Roads Department will perform the bulldozer work, clearing the fence, brush and trees, and reshape the ditches. If there is a high bank that produces a snow trap in the winter, the Secondary Roads Department will cut the bank down.  The property owner is responsible for providing a location for the trees, seeding and fencing once the project is completed.

Union County has been mandated by the Iowa DNR to obtain a Stormwater Discharge Permit.  This permit states that the Secondary Roads Department will prevent runoff from leaving the project limits.  The cost of this permit is $150.00, and the property owner will reimburse the county for the cost of the permit.

The grading program allows the Secondary Road Department to reshape road ditches, clear the right of way, and eliminate snow traps.

For more information, contact the Union County Secondary Roads Department at 641-782-7417.

Road & Bridge Statistics

Total Miles of Roadway – 699.9
Miles of Farm to Market – 255.5
Miles of Non-Farm to Market – 447.8
Miles of Dirt Roads – 95.8
Miles of Gravel Roads – 504.7
Miles of Seal Coat (Black Top) – 21.3
Miles of Paved Road – 78.1
Total Number of Bridges – 166

Employee Count   

Maintenance Employees – 20
Construction Technician – 2
Office Manager – 1
Engineer – 1

Vehicle and Equipment Fleet

Single Axle Flatbed Truck – 1
Single Axle Dump Truck – 3
Truck Tractor – 1
Pickup Truck – 11
Sign Truck – 1
Bulldozer – 2
Semi Rock Trailer – 1
Semi Lowboy – 1
Maintainer – 8
Brush Cutting Tractor – 1
Mower Tractor – 2
Tandem Dump Trucks  – 5 (3 with pup trailers)
Excavator – 2