Arispe was established in 1887 when the Chicago, St. Paul, and Minneapolis Railroad Company built its track through Union County. The town remained little more than a store or two and several homes for much of the next decade. In 1897, an additional 65 acres were purchased and added to the town. During the next 3 years, a hardware store, a general store, a drug store, a Methodist church, and a bank were all constructed along with a number of new homes.

By 1902, telephone lines had reached Arispe, and later in the year, work began on a new grain elevator. The first mayor, DW Stevenson, was elected in 1904. The following year, a modern four-room schoolhouse was constructed. Arispe’s population would reach it’s peak of 156 during the 1920 census.

Mayor Pro Tem
Mike Rollings

Council Members
Diane Smith
Sandy Fry
Roger Cheers
Mason Fry