The city of Cromwell was founded in 1869 and was the preliminary choice for the division point on the new Burlington & Missouri River Railroad (B&MRR) line. Selection as the division point would mean rapid growth for the community as the railroad built a roundhouse, machine shops, and other facilities. Unfortunately, after further examination, B&MRR surveyors decided that the nearby land would require too much work to make a division point at Cromwell practical. Instead, Creston was chosen, and its population would grow to over 7,000 while Cromwell reached just over 200 at its peak at the turn of the century.


Duane Adamson (Elected in 2015)
1011 Lincoln Ave
Cromwell, Iowa  50842
(641) 782-6342

City Clerk

Sandy Lauer
PO Box 13
Cromwell, Iowa  50842
(641) 782-4047

City Council

Amy Angell – (641) 782-2691
Curt Angell – (641) 782-8355
Robert Hepp – (641) 202-4472
Roger Millslagle – (641) 782-2707
Eric Millslagle – (641) 782-7131