Shannon City is the youngest of the incorporated communities in Union County. It was surveyed by the Great Western Chicago Railway (GWCRR) in 1887 as a possible stop and platted a year later. Officials rejected the original name of ‘Shannon’, as there were already several towns in Iowa with similar names. The second choice of ‘Loomis’ was suggested as a nod to an early settler, Doctor F. W. Loomis. Dr. Loomis declined the honor, however, and instead suggested Shannon City, which has been the name of the town ever since.

At its peak in the early 1900s, Shannon City boasted four churches, two banks, a number of other shops and stores, and a population of nearly 400.


Terry Gilbert (elected in 2015)
PO Box 323
Shannon City, IA  50861
(641) 344-1096

City Clerk

Jessica Connelly
2508 210th Street
Afton, Iowa 50830
(641) 202-0169

City Council

Glen Hoyt  – (641) 203-2703
Clay Arnold  – (641) 347-7020
Dale Cook – (641) 202-6397
Randy Lilly – (641) 344-8151
Wes Gilbert – (641) 344-3393